April 2020 Newsletter

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April 2020 Newsletter

The last month has been a trying time for all of us, as we look to adapt to life during the Coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, we all have a responsibility as individuals to lend a helping hand to our neighbor and those less fortunate. Businesses also hold that responsibility. Although it is an unprecedented situation, it is one we can make it out of together.

This month's newsletter features the profile of Social Impact Movement, a local non-profit organization in Miami that works to promote the UN-mandated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the workplace and the community. We will also dive in on a new environmental campaign in Panama known as "Un Panamá Más Sostenible" (A More Sustainable Panama). NSI is working closely with both as they seek to expand their presence in their respective communities.

Social Impact Movement (Miami)

Established in 2016, Social Impact Movement (SIM Miami) has a unique approach to change the culture in Miami. Their programs and projects help people and businesses alike strengthen their relationship with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The 17 SDGs were established in 2015 as different goals nations should focus on completing before the year 2030, varying from promoting quality education as a right to eliminating food insecurity. The SDGs are connected in that one has a direct impact on the other.

SIM Miami has focused their efforts on raising awareness of these issues in the South Florida community and how individuals can be involved with promoting them. Gender Equality (SDG 5), Life Below Water (SDG 14), and Peace, Justice, & Strong Institutions (SDG 16) are the three they are focused on in 2020. 

One program of note is their SIM Ambassador Series. Each SDG requires an individual to promote it, and that individual must be passionate and driven. It is a volunteer-based program, with their Ambassadors hosting local projects or workshops so that many can benefit from the knowledge of these SDGs and how they impact us directly.

Connections with businesses, universities, and government insitutions have all been done through local networking events. With the ongoing crisis, that is not stopping SIM Miami from planning their projects. They have been able to adapt and think of creative ways to implement their ideas. SIM Miami is an example of an ideal organization that seeks economic, environmental, and social change in their community through this movement.

"Un Panamá Más Sostenible"

For better or worse, 2020 is a year of change and that change is coming to Panama. The small Central American nation has shown promise in the last two decades with a strong economy and a hub for commerce in the region. A More Sustainable Panama is the campaign the country desires to turn over a new leaf. 

NSI is supporting this new campaign, as it will promote how everyday people can become more environmentally conscious. Proper recycling habits, interactive educational initatives, and the many social benefits that spur from it will come from this campaign, including endorsements from Panamanians that care most about enhancing the country's image. 

Businesses will be impacted from this as well, as this campaign will provide waste management and recycling solutions, streamlined collection, and innovative technology. The end goal of this long-term campaign is to change the mentality and approach to waste, in addition to conserving oceans and reducing landfill use in Panama. 

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