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About Us

NSI Consultants is an organization that is committed to supporting businesses and NGOs through social investment.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives can be difficult to implement if businesses do not have the resources or strategy to apply properly. NSI effectively provides businesses with sustainable solutions for sustainable growth. Our consultants that are experienced in the NGO sector also provide assistance in order for organizations to expand their reach. Our end goal is simple: for our clients to Think NSI as we create sustainable solutions for greater social impact.

Modus Operandi

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa and actively operating in Norway and the United States. Our approach is two-fold as we’d like to change the culture of social investment; we identify and cooperate with businesses or NGOs working towards a social investment solution, but we also create sustainable solutions via our own project design. Our consultants are experienced in seeking investment and managing quantitative research in order to obtain sustainable solutions for businesses.


Our consultants all have experience in various backgrounds, whether that be in an NGO or the corporate sector, and all know the obstacles that they encounter when it comes to social investment. NSI seeks to create rewarding relationships through transparency and use innovative projects to do so.

Our Services