February 2021 Newsletter


Purpose Campaigns across South Africa during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, movement restrictions, and continued job loss have highlighted a number of socio-economic inequalities. Various organizations see this as an opportunity to streamline their CSR initiatives, making them more realistic with the capability of reaching people on the ground level.

Companies in South Africa like MTN and RCL Foods have provided curriculum material, PPE, test kits as well as staple foods to vulnerable children and their families across the country, respectively, during the lockdown. Through partnerships with NGOs and the government, these CSR initiatives were able to reflect the current situation and create more meaningful impact while giving their brand identity a tremendous boost.

NGOs play a vital role in the large-scale distribution of food, water, personal protective equipment, medical supplies, and driving messages of hope, hygiene & good social practices to communities all over the country as we’ve seen throughout the pandemic.

The success of NGOs depends on funding received from civil society and the private sector because they rely on other aspects to make their operations work.

NSI Consultants support the partnerships between private organizations & NGOs and encourage the ever-growing link between these two sectors.

Does your organization wish to make a donation towards an NGO or carry out tailored CSR initiatives?

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